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Printed Electronics – The money floods in

By Membrane Switch News

Printed electronics is now seeing a surge in transactions in the form of orders, government and industry-funded development programs, acquisitions and company fund raising. Printed electronics is now an everyday phrase encompassing printed and potentially printed electronics and electrics. Some of it goes back a long way but it is now at a tipping...read more »

Thinfilm Works with PARC to Develop Next-Generation Printed Memory Solutions

By Membrane Switch News

High-Capacity, Compact Form-Factor Memory Enabled by Low-Cost Printed Electronics Opens up New Market Opportunities Thinfilm (Thin Film Electronics ASA), a provider of advanced printed memory technology, and PARC (Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated), a premier center for commercial innovation, today announced that they are working together to provide next-generation memory technology enabled through printed...read more »

Toppan Forms to Test Markets with Printed Electronics

By Membrane Switch News

Toppan Forms, a leading information management solution provider, will start to test market product applications by combining various printed electronics technologies. Unlike conventional electronics, printed electronics are not rigid and can be converted into different shapes and sizes. Innovative products such as a battery charger in the shape of brief case or POP displays...read more »

Printed cholesterol sensor

By Membrane Switch News

A European collaboration which is being led by a researcher at DCU will revolutionize the way blood tests, such as cholesterol, are performed. Dr. Tony Killard at the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute is developing a cholesterol test using the emerging technology of printed electronics. The BDI is funded by Science Foundation Ireland through their CSET...read more »

Paper with a memory given boost by nanotechnology breakthrough

By Membrane Switch News

Medicine bottles that alert you when a prescription needs updating and computer screens which can be rolled up to fit in a briefcase are a step closer thanks to research by De Montfort University Leicester (DMU). Researchers at DMU’s Emerging Technologies Research Centre (EMTERC) are exploring the potential of gold nanoparticles and small molecules...read more »

Paper-based electronics that perform better than silicon

By Membrane Switch News

A Portuguese university has developed Paper-e®, an emergent technology for applying field effect transistors on and with paper. The technology is unique in that the paper is not only the structural support, but also the dielectric element, an active and integral part of the function of the transistor. It has been developed for applying...read more »

Wearable RFID sensors to detect airborne toxins

By Membrane Switch News

RFID sensors are commonly used to track a wide variety of items, from products in a supply chain to baggage at an airport. GE is developing sensors that combine RFID tracking with an acute gas sensing capability, which can detect the presence of potentially harmful chemical agents in the air. Because these sensors can...read more »

Nano ePrint/Novalia to deliver printed electronic greeting cards

By Membrane Switch News

Nano ePrint Ltd, the pioneer in planar nano-electronics, has announced that it is developing all-printed electronic greeting cards in collaboration with Novalia Ltd, to a specification provided by Hallmark subsidiary Tigerprint Ltd. The £300k project is supported by grant funding from The Northern Way, a joint initiative between three northern UK Regional Development Agencies...read more »

Kwizzcard – printed electronic game card

By Membrane Switch News

The first fully printed electronic game card has been developed by prelonic – claim the Austrian company. The Kwizzcard is flexible, ultra-thin and incorporates a printed battery, 10 printed push buttons and 2 printed displays. Promotional product designers will be able to add a new set of features to existing products like game cards,...read more »

About PEN

By Membrane Switch News

Print Electronic News Print Electronic News promotes the knowledge, reliability and versatility of Printed Electronic technology Print Electronic News allows Printed Electronics Manufacturers and Printed Electronic Suppliers a place to post press releases, establish links to their company web sites and to promote their products and capabilities Print Electronic News also provides Printed Electronic...read more »

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