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Fine-Line Epoxy Ink Recommended for Printed Electronics Applications

By Membrane Switch News

Creative Materials, Inc., introduces 125-26, an exceptional conductive ink for screen- printing circuits with fine-line widths and spaces. Creative Materials is expanding its line of products for the printed electronics market. Our newest product, 125-26A/B119-44 is a flexible two-part epoxy ink that features superior adhesion to ITO-coated surfaces and other low surface-energy substrates. This...read more »

Polyonics Announces Protective Overlays for Printed Electronics

By Membrane Switch News

Selecting a durable substrate for your printed electronics application can be half the required effort.  Protecting the printed circuit from harsh environments by encapsulating with a protective overlay may be required. To help provide this protection, Polyonics is offering protective overlays designed to withstand harsh environments.  These overlays use either a PEN ( XL-1600P)...read more »

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