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Conductive Logic – Smaller, Faster, Cleaner, Cheaper

By Membrane Switch News

Conductive Logic, a privately held company, located in California, in partnership with Institut fur Neue Materialien (INM) located in Saarbrucken, Germany, have announced a breakthrough, in the field of printed electronics. In the exploding printed electronics, photovoltaics and display technology arenas, thin conductive layers for printed circuits on flexible substrates continue to be, the...read more »

Polyonics Announces Protective Overlays for Printed Electronics

By Membrane Switch News

Selecting a durable substrate for your printed electronics application can be half the required effort.  Protecting the printed circuit from harsh environments by encapsulating with a protective overlay may be required. To help provide this protection, Polyonics is offering protective overlays designed to withstand harsh environments.  These overlays use either a PEN ( XL-1600P)...read more »

Printed Electronics – Bigger than the Silicon Chip

By Membrane Switch News

The silicon chip business went from nothing to approaching $200 billion market in size in twenty years. Now we have the beginning of a market that will outpace even that to reach $200 billion or so in only twenty years. It is printed electronics. Primarily this is flexible: that is the main benefit. It...read more »

Paper with a memory given boost by nanotechnology breakthrough

By Membrane Switch News

Medicine bottles that alert you when a prescription needs updating and computer screens which can be rolled up to fit in a briefcase are a step closer thanks to research by De Montfort University Leicester (DMU). Researchers at DMU’s Emerging Technologies Research Centre (EMTERC) are exploring the potential of gold nanoparticles and small molecules...read more »

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