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Conductive Logic – Smaller, Faster, Cleaner, Cheaper

By Membrane Switch News

Conductive Logic, a privately held company, located in California, in partnership with Institut fur Neue Materialien (INM) located in Saarbrucken, Germany, have announced a breakthrough, in the field of printed electronics. In the exploding printed electronics, photovoltaics and display technology arenas, thin conductive layers for printed circuits on flexible substrates continue to be, the...read more »

Launch of the UK’s national Printable Electronics Technology Center

By Membrane Switch News

PETEC‘s expertise and equipment in the field of Printed Electronics delivers design, development and prototyping services and facilities to its customers. The field of printable electronics offers companies a high-yield, low-cost manufacturing technology applicable to a wide variety of applications. Tom Taylor, director of PETEC, said “The UK has a well established competence in...read more »

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