Significant interesting OLED news seems to be crossing my desk more and more these days. Interest is high both for lighting and displays. OLED is part of the larger subject termed variously as “organic electronics” or “printed electronics.”   

For example, UDC has been announcing a variety of new updates which resulted in a recent stock surge. On the IP front, OLED patenting is exploding. Academic work in the area is strong also as reflected in the recent SPIE meeting in San Diego with increased attendance and the upcoming fpi10 meeting in Beijing. In Russia, Plastic Logic is set to test their e-readers in schools (not OLED, but important development in organic electronics nevertheless). Finally, the Department of Energy continues to support OLED work.

Nanotechnology plays a significant role in OLED. For example, the OLED patent explosion is also evident in the US 977 nanotechnology patent literature. In this class, 229 patent publications (out of 9,741 as of today) refer to “OLED” or “organic light emitting diode.” Among these, two-thirds were published in 2010 and 2011 (152/229).  Only 25 were published through 2007. That is a remarkable explosion. In addition, 12% were published with the government interest clause (27/229).

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